Travelling to the school

Access to the school

The school entrance is opposite the Byre Theatre (see map). Please note this is the only entrance for the school. The double gates at the bottom of the Byre lane are strictly for private use only; in fact it’s a condition of our planning consent that these gates are not for use by parents and children.


The closest short-stay parking is on South Street. There are acres of parking spaces in the morning and no parking charges before 9am. At lunchtime you may have to work a little harder to find a spot, but you pretty much always will. After 9am, it’s £1 per hour.

Please – and this is most important – do not park at any time around the double gates at the bottom of the Byre lane; this includes the double yellow lines of Queen’s Terrace or Greenside Place or in the residential area within Abbey Court. We’d be most grateful if you would strictly adhere to this request as such illegal parking would cause considerable aggravation to our neighbours and not be in the best interests of the school.


Buses run regularly along South Street and Abbey Street and stop outside the Byre Theatre only a few yards from the school entrance.


Parents with bicycles are very welcome to leave them inside our entrance gate when dropping-off or picking-up.