How the school began.

The Montessori Children’s House started, in 2011, in the Holy Trinity Church Hall; a wonderful place for its first steps. As the number of children increased, however, and as our ideas about what we wished to create solidified, we felt we needed our own purpose-built school … and the perfect site for it was the medieval walled garden of 44 South Street. In February 2015, we moved in. Exciting times.

Here are a few photos suggesting how a frozen vegetable patch (which in summer mainly grew weeds) became a school.

In the beginning

Digging a hole

Still below ground

Strong foundations

80 tons of concrete!

First walls

Bringing in the beams

Putting the beams in place

The roof, early days

Up the garden path,    and fast forward to …

Underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating

Cladding of Scots  Larch

Exterior cladding of Scots Larch

Waterproofing the roof

Waterproofing the roof.

The interior takes shape

The Interior takes shape

Windows to the garden

Windows to the garden

Preparing the garden

Up the garden path again.