Admission (2021/22)

Entrance: Children may start at the nursery when they’re 3 years old, depending on their physical and social readiness.

Application:  Come and visit the school and, if you like what you see,  then please go to the page HOW TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD. Demand for places can be high, so early visits are highly recommended.

Our Morning Sessions: Our morning runs from 8.45 to 13.00. Children may attend for a minimum of 3 mornings per week but, to provide the  consistency and continuity on which they thrive, and to enable them to become a full part of the Montessori community, we strongly recommend that they come for 5.

As can be seen in the other pages of this website, the Montessori Children’s House offers children a well-established, rounded method for learning and growing. Our morning session includes the important three hour work-cycle, which itself includes exercises of practical life, sensorial learning, mathematics, language and literacy, cultural subjects and the expressive arts (drawing, painting and music). Alongside, or outwith, the three hour work-cycle, there are related activities such as garden time, Spanish, yoga, baking, outings to the woods, circle-time discussions and lunch with all the social learning that goes with it. All together, it’s a full development programme, with each part supporting the other.

Our Afternoon Sessions: Our afternoon sessions run from 13.00 to 14.30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. One day will have art sessions available and the other music. Both of these will be led by specialist teachers.

 Funding and Fees

Our fees for the full morning are set out below. There is, however, a half-morning option which is without charge.

The half-morning

Fife Council provides funding of £11.38 per child for the first two hours of the morning. As a condition of our partnership with Fife Council, these funded hours must be provided without additional charge. Hence, children who come only for these two hours will pay nothing. The hours are 8.45 to 10.45.

The full morning

This is 2 hours of funded education, plus two hours at £21.62. For those not eligible for funding, the cost is £33 per morning.

The afternoon session

This will be charged at £13.00 per afternoon.

Please note that children become eligible for Fife funding only from the term after they turn 3 – details are available from the school.

Please note also that late pick-ups will be charged at £20 for every 15 minutes.