Admission and Fees (2019/20)

Entrance: Attendance may begin around the third birthday depending on physical and social readiness.

Application:  Come and visit the school and, if you like what you see,  then please register your child. Demand for places can be high, so early visits (and the sooner the better really) are highly recommended.

Registration Fee: £50. This is payable with your application and is non-refundable.

Fife Council funding: We are very pleased to have been selected by Fife Council for Partnership Funding.. Broadly speaking (and there are a few wrinkles depending on when precisely your child’s birthday falls) funding begins in the term after a child’s third birthday and continues until age 5. Children are entitled to a maximum of 15 hours, 50 minutes funding at £4.40 per hour — so that a child coming on 5 mornings, for example, will receive £69.65 per week or £2,646 per year.

School Hours: Our morning runs from 8.45am to 13.00pm. We also offer a short afternoon session on two days a week from 13.00pm to 14.30pm.

Children are welcome to attend for a minimum of 3 mornings per week but we recommend that they come for 5. We believe that 5 mornings a week provides children with the consistency and continuity on which they thrive and helps them to become a full part of the Children’s House community.

Fees : Our fees  in 2019/20 will be £32 per morning (before Council funding is deducted).  The afternoon session will be £12.50. For those children who wish to stay on after reaching primary school age (and so becoming ineligible for Council funding), the fees will be £27 per morning.