Our Privacy Policy

At the Children’s House St Andrews we take privacy seriously and only use the information we collect to provide our services. We do not share or sell the information we collect for any other purpose than providing the core nursery services we provide. At any time, you may request a copy of information we have recorded about you or your child. You may also ask that we remove all identifiable information with respect to yourself or your child at any time.

As a matter of course, we will delete your identifiable information if you have not undertaken business with us after 5 years.

For transparency, listed are the services we provide and how each service uses the information we collect.

Core Nursery Childcare Services:

We request the minimum level of personally identifying information to run our business effectively. This is data you provide us directly — for example, your name and contact details and those of your child. We only require verification identification for your child for the purposes of Childcare Funding.  We will never obtain information about you indirectly from sources outside our business.

We store notes with respect to the childcare and our observations of your child. This  is to ensure  that we maintain and exceed our level of service and can provide you with feedback on your child’s development and needs.

We consider you have provided consent for us to store personally-identifying information and information based on your receiving services from us.  Under our duty of care to your children, we may be required to ask questions relating to their medical history. We will obtain your consent prior to storing information relating to their medical history. Examples of medical data may be allergies, or an injury that may impact our service or your child’s day to day routine.

Regular Nursery Communications and Updates:

We may contact you via phone or email on a regular basis to provide you with information that is relevant to your child and also to impart information about our timetable, what the children have been learning and any other relevant information contained within our Newsletter. We consider your having provided your details as consent to undertake this activity but, if you want, you may opt-out at any time.


We will not undertake phone, mail, email or SMS marketing at any time.  If we have information that we think would be of benefit, from an external source, for your child’s development we would pass this on to you direct. If you would prefer to only receive the core Nursery updates then we can exclude you from any additional information sharing.

Sharing of Data and Data Locations :

We do not share your child’s data, or your own, with any external agencies other than Fife Council. In this case It is purely to enable us to apply for Council funding for childcare. This information is held within their central Software system, SEEMIS, and is only accessible by their staff and our recognized users.

Data held internally is only shared, in a controlled manner, with the nursery staff. At no time is this information shared with any exterrnal source or third party other than that listed above.

Data Controller:

Our in-house designated Data Controller is responsible for ensuring that, at all times, we adhere to the guidelines set out under the  General Data Protection Regulation Act.

If you have any questions about the way we use your data, or would like to discuss our Privacy Policy , or would like a copy of what information we have stored about you or your child, or would like us to remove all identifying information about you,  then please contact us at childrenshousestandrews@gmail.com and ask for Natasha.